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Note I do not own any characters just the story line:
Ok everyone is now in college. It is not in the village but a few miles away. Everyone is more matured or changed at least a little bit.
(Naruto's POV)
"Mr. Uzumaki?" My head was rested in my arms as I opened my eyes and quickly looked around to see that everyone in the class was staring at me. "Uhhh..." I started as I was interrupted by the teacher "That's what I thought. Mr. Uzumaki see me after class." "You have got to be shitting me" I muttered to myself.
After class I got a lecture from my teacher about having to pay more attention in class when I noticed Ino was waiting outside. "Mr. Uzumaki is there anything you would like to add?"  the teacher said glaring angrily me. "Uhh...No m'am," He walked out of the class room. "Hey Naruto!" exclaimed a light blonde kunoichi. "Oh hey Ino, whats up?" I said surprised having forgotten that Ino was waiting for me. "Not much, just thought id catch up with an old friend."  "Well I have class now so meet up with me at the park around lunch time, ok?" Naruto said "Ok, see ya then!" Ino replied happily. I couldn't quite say, but something is different about her.
As I walked to my next class I couldn't stop thinking about Ino. "Why all of the sudden do I have feelings for her? Do I have feelings for her? I don't know...;"
Later That day around lunch time....(Naruto's POV)
I was waiting in the park, I knew I was a half an hour early but I didn't care because I couldn't stop thinking about her cerulean eyes and her perfect body image and everything about her! "Over here Naruto!" when I heard this I knew right away it was Ino. "Hey Ino-chan," "Hey Naruto," Ino wondered "Since when did he call me Ino-chan?"  "So where do want to go for lunch?" I asked looking her directly in the eyes. She quickly turned away to hide her blush. "It doesn't matter, you choose,"  she said still trying to avoid eye contact. "Well then, why don't we go Ichiraku's?" she didn't seem surprised I chose there. "Ok!" Ino exclaimed.
Yea go easy on the hate comments XD anyway i have been doing naruino chats on youtube hellopeeps8686 is my acount name on youtube go check out the chats but im not continuing them instead i am writing/typing these stories thx and enjoy!!! Note again i dont own anything but the story line and sorry for the curse word im gunna try and make a clean version and a dirty version for the older readers XD
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